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Head of I.K.O. Nakamura

The History of Sousui Makoto Nakamura

Sousui Makoto Nakamura was born on June 20 th , 1952 , in Japan , Osaka Prefecture. Sousui Makoto Nakamura with his strength and speed manage to capture the world championship tittle , not once but twice. Sousui Makoto Nakamura, winner of the 2nd and 3rd Absolute Kyokushin World Championship. His nick name is “King of the Kyokushin”.

 2nd World open Tournament 1979 – 1st Place

 3rd World open Tournament 1984 – 1st Place

 9th All Japan championship 1977 – 3rd Place

 10th All Japan championship 1978 – 3rd Place

 11th All Japan championship 1979 – 1st Place

12th All Japan championship 1980 – 2nd Place

13th All Japan championship 1981 – 2nd Place


Sousui Makoto Nakamura to train and work under the late Sosai Masutatsu Oyama for twenty two years in order to contribute to the development of the Kyokushinkaikan. Since the untimely death of Sosai (April 26,1994) , after Sousui Makoto Nakamura diligently worked for twenty three years to support .Kancho Shokei Matsui who succeeded the organization as Kancho. After Sousui Nakamura leave that position and the start of a new organization “International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kai Kan Nakamura Dojo” Now sousui Makoto Nakamura Chief Director and Chairman International Karate Organization Kyokushin Kai Kan Nakamura. It’s headquarters are located in Osaka, Kobe , Japan.